Craig Romanok


Whether it’s a cheery hello in the hallways or the contagious enthusiasm he brings to meetings, Craig Romanok breathes life and energy into the agency. With his unparalleled commitment to all things CDM Princeton, he’s sure to get involved wherever and whenever he can, especially if it’s for the sake of changing lives for the better.

It’s a marvel to watch Craig at work. Part magician and part brand innovator, Craig sees challenges, rather than problems. He sees opportunities to improve the experience and make incredible things happen. With a keen understanding of market categories, audiences, and the latest digital channel technologies, he translates his knowledge into relevant and thought-provoking ideas and strategies for his clients.

Craig has been known to take work home. That is, the standards he applies to his own life—constantly changing for the better and living a vision of change, growth, and evolution—are the same standards he envisions for the brands under his stewardship. That’s exactly the kind of guy you want on your team!


Gary Scheiner

EVP, Executive Creative Director

Gary Scheiner has had a pretty fulfilling career so far. His first commercial ran during the Super Bowl. He launched several new car brands for GM, a wine brand for Kraft, and The Michael J. Fox Foundation hand-in-hand with Michael J. Fox. He’s worked with A-list celebrities, Grammy-winning musicians and Academy Award-winning directors. He even recorded a Beatles song in Abbey Road Studios, using the same Hammond B3 organ that Paul McCartney played in the original track. (That was cool!) But of all the amazing experiences and opportunities in his career, he’s most excited about where he is right now­–in healthcare, with its new advancements in technology and its life-changing products and services.

What gets Gary going every day is the opportunity to create something new and knowing that the work he does now could actually change someone’s life pushes him harder and farther. Feeding off of meaningful, differentiating insight and the energy of his teams, Gary is quick to recognize the germ of an idea hidden in a line of copy or visual expression. And when he does, he pounces on it, draws it out into something big and expansive, and turns it into something that usually makes clients, and award juries, smile. It makes him smile, too.


Gretchen Eberhart, MD

Executive Vice President, Director of Strategic Services

Endocrinologist Gretchen Eberhart puts her clinical background to work providing medical expertise to the agency and our clients. A self-professed data geek, excited about finding nuggets of information and data that will be meaningful to our customers. She is just as passionate about finding a deep insight that aligns a brand with a customer’s need. That’s why CDM’s lifechanging strategic process is Gretchen’s main jam.

Before joining CDMP, Gretchen worked at Interlink Healthcare Communications as a medical director. And before that, Gretchen practiced general endocrinology at the University of Pittsburgh. Her academic background includes completing a residency in internal medicine at Yale-New Haven Hospital and a fellowship in endocrinology at Massachusetts General Hospital. Gretchen has published in the area of adipocyte insulin resistance.

When not in the office or immersed in the data, Gretchen can often be found singing… in the shower and in a chamber chorale. Gretchen is a huge football fan, and is particularly proud of having won the CDM fantasy football league in 2017. When not singing or watching football, Gretchen hangs out with the world’s cutest dogs, both of whom happen to live with her.