Gregg Geider


Gregg Geider is a big fan. He’s a fan of winning his clients' trust and ensuring that their brands are winning in the marketplace and that his people are winning in the workplace growing in their potential. And with more than 30 brand launches under his belt, he’s a big fan of bringing the power of lifechanging medicine to many patients.

As President of CDM Princeton, Gregg is filling the agency with top-tier talent, supporting the development of lifechanging and award-winning work, and pouring his energy into Client Love.

Gregg was most recently Executive Vice President at FCB in New York. Before joining FCB, he was a Managing Director of Pace, an ICC Lowe agency. Prior to that position, Gregg had a 9-year stint at Omnicom Health Group agency Harrison and Star, where he held account roles of increasing responsibility.

Gregg studied biology and business management at Boston College. He worked as a chemist, a pharmaceutical sales rep, and a product manager before joining the advertising world. He lives with his wife and twin 17-year-old daughters in northern New Jersey. When not leading people and brands, Gregg can be found working out, jamming at any type of concert, or cheering on the Giants—particularly when they are winning.



Managing Partner, Director of Strategic Services

Jill Beene’s first love is account planning and when you meet her you’ll know why. She has an innate curiosity, a genuine interest in people, and an infectious enthusiasm for her work that affects everyone she comes in contact with.

Young & Rubicam, BBDO, and Partners & Shevack mark the start of Jill’s career. At these agencies, she led planning efforts for OTC pain medications, fragrances, skin care products, and packaged goods. These experiences were invaluable; yet Jill had always been fascinated by the human condition, most especially as it relates to health and wellness decisions.

In 2000, she joined CDM, bringing with her a deep knowledge of insight development and a commitment to keeping the customer in focus. At CDM Princeton, Jill oversees Strategic Services, a group that comprises senior-level account planners, medical directors, and digital strategists. This team works across all brands in the agency and aims to inspire excellence by delivering deep clinical and customer insights that feed lifechanging brand experiences.



Managing Partner, Director of Client Services

Whether it’s a cheery hello in the hallways or the contagious enthusiasm he brings to meetings, Craig Romanok breathes life and energy into the agency. With his unparalleled commitment to all things CDM Princeton, he’s sure to get involved wherever and whenever he can, especially if it’s for the sake of changing lives for the better.

It’s a marvel to watch Craig at work. Part magician and part brand innovator, Craig sees challenges, rather than problems. He sees opportunities to improve the experience and make incredible things happen. With a keen understanding of market categories, audiences, and the latest digital channel technologies, he translates his knowledge into relevant and thought-provoking ideas and strategies for his clients.

Craig has been known to take work home. That is, the standards he applies to his own life—constantly changing for the better and living a vision of change, growth, and evolution—are the same standards he envisions for the brands under his stewardship. That’s exactly the kind of guy you want on your team!



Managing Partner, Executive Creative Director

Artist and businessperson? Creative director and strategist? Debra Polkes is a living contradiction—and that’s a great thing for CDM Princeton, where she brings these finely honed skills and creative passion. Debra is no stranger to the CDM culture. She is a recent transplant from the New York office, where she spent the past 16 years leading creative teams to new heights. Debra is defined by a relentless drive to deliver lifechanging experiences that work for clients, brands, patients, caregivers, and communities. Her ability to guide teams to experiment, create something where there was nothing, and make it deeply attractive is second to none in this industry. Her work and the work of her teams have garnered the most prestigious awards in the industry.

Debra lives in the New York City’s West Village and is adjusting to her new life as a reverse commuter.